Acajutla, El Salvador


Acajutla is El Salvador's main seaport and is on the Pacific coast of Central America. This quiet town is popular for its beautiful beaches and the Los Cabanos beach, which is near the port stop-off, is popular with divers because of its rich marine life. Away from the waters, you could visit the stunning and untouched forests of Apaneca – one of Acajutla’s best attractions.

Acajutla handles a large portion of El Salvador's coffee exports and shipments of sugar and balsam (a resin used in perfumes and cosmetics).

One of Acajutla's most important celebrations is between March and April when they celebrate the passion of Christ. In that day, people clean the roads and create decoratives images in the sand they bring from the beach, and at noon they begin the simulation of the passion from San Francisco de Asis church near Barrio La playa ending in the same location the next day in the early hours of the day.

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