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Capture the beautiful Welsh scenery

Focus your lens on the breathtaking landscapes of South Wales… See how you can enhance your photos with a range of visual effects… Discover how important composition is to create the perfect photograph…

Grab your camera and head into the wild landscapes of Wales on this new photography holiday, learning how to use visual effects and improve your skills with professional expert photographer, Nigel Forster.

Nigel Forster

What got you into photography?

It was through travel, exploration, cycling and walking from the early 1980’s. Seeing things that only I saw or couldn’t happen again, whether a moment in time, fantastic natural light, something unusual or culturally ‘different’, or something just visually striking. Capturing these moments through photography is what first inspired me to take pictures and still does.

Who taught you how to use a camera?

No-one – I am entirely self-taught. I did complete a short course in Photoshop in 2009 because my previous experience had been with film photography but none apart from that. I do encourage people to keep things simple.

What is your favourite thing/place/person to photograph?

No particular thing but images that inspire me most are those which capture the landscape under dramatic light, often when the sun is behind clouds sending light from above onto the landscape below. If I was to name a favourite place it would probably be the Isle of Skye but we all have our differing reasons for places being our ‘favourites’ and how it looks is only one of them.

With people, I generally photograph their activities rather than as portraits unless they are particularly interesting character studies. My favourite ‘people’ subjects are where there’s a cultural difference on clothing or appearance; in many places this is increasingly hard to find as the ‘western cultural influence’ constantly spreads throughout the world & traditional clothing is replaced by a t-shirt and jeans!

What do you think is the most interesting/ exciting part of what you do?

I’m not a person who likes a routine! Not knowing what’s going to happen next, what job I’m going to do or where I’m going to go – very different from an office job! Photographically it’s not knowing whether I’m going to get up at dawn to an amazing display of light on the landscape or a flat grey sky (and one can quickly change from the other!).

With my teaching I get to meet lots of people, everyone is different, in terms of knowledge and understanding, subject preferences, learning capability and of personality.