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It's time to... Discover

Exclusive tours created to make sure you see the famous sites.

If you’ve always wanted to watch the sun rise over Uluru, enjoy a gelato as you admire Rome’s historic Colosseum, or head through the Canadian Rockies by train, then a Discover holiday can take you there.

Travelling with an expert tour manager or cruise escort, this collection of tours and river cruises travel by road, rail, river or sea to get you as close as possible to all the main sights and highlights at a comfortable pace. Once you’ve chosen the itinerary to suit you, you can relax knowing that we’ll ensure all transport and accommodation is sorted along the route, so all that’s left for you to do is get out there and discover.

Discover the world at a pace to suit you…

We’ve rated these to help you decide what level feels right for you.

Pace 1   Travel three to four hours in a day, with a few days to relax in between. Any walking will be at a leisurely pace for a few hours.

Pace 2   Journey further for a little longer with a greater degree of walking, possibly over difficult terrain.

Pace 3   Longer journeys of up to 10 hours may be necessary, with occasionally strenuous excursions across rough terrain.

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Step aboard a river cruise

Taste a glass of port in Oporto… Admire the colours of Holland’s tulips… Listen to rousing classical music in Vienna… From the Rhine and the Danube to the Rhone and the Volga, Europe’s waterways offer history and scenery, which can all be revealed on a cruise aboard a carefully chosen ship.

Discover by river
St Basil's Cathedral

Experience Europe

Trace the Adriatic coast by vintage-style ship… Travel by train and contrast Russia’s famous cities… Hop from one island to the next as you tour the Aegean… Discover the unique identities of a host of European countries on a memorable touring holiday.

Discover Europe


Enjoy close encounters with wildlife in the Galapagos Islands

The world awaits

Take in the incredible view across the Grand Canyon… Look over China’s Terracotta Warriors… Enjoy close encounters with the wildlife of the Galapagos Islands… There is a world of experiences to embrace on a worldwide tour – where will we take you?

Discover the world
Ireland's unique Giant’s Causeway

Right on your doorstop

See Ireland’s unique Giant’s Causeway… Take a moment to soak in the dramatic view of Culzean Castle… Experience the Manx Electric Railway as you tour the Isle of Man… You’ll be surprised at how much there is to discover closer to home.

Discover the UK