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Aw, it’s only half the size of Switzerland…

Majestic mountains iced with snow, wonderful wildflower meadows, emerald green lakes and clifftop castles – Slovenia’s ravishing scenery will steal your heart.

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Slovene -

The official language is Slovene, which is closely related to Croat and Czech. Most Slovenians speak English, German or Italian as a second language.


Tipping is not obligatory in Slovenia, but is a mark of appreciation.

Population and size

With around 2 million inhabitants – which is less than West Yorkshire – Slovenia has a much smaller population than most European states.

Half the size of Switzerland, Slovenia measures just 20,270 square kilometres.


Euro -

Since joining the EU in 2004, the euro has been the official currency.


Lying in southern central Europe, Slovenia is bordered by four countries: Austria to the north, Hungary to the northeast, Croatia to the south and southeast and Italy to the west.

Dominated in turn by these acquisitive neighbours, it has become a melting pot of cultural influences. Nevertheless, a good old-fashioned handshake is the customary form of greeting. Almost 60% of the population is Roman Catholic.


Slovene is a difficult language to learn as, like English, the pronunciation of both vowels and consonants is irregular, but you may find the following words and phrases useful…

Dober dan – hello

Na svidenje – goodbye

Prosim – please

Hvala – thank you

Ja – yes

Ne – no

Ali govorite angleško – Do you speak English?


Slovenia is one hour ahead of GMT.


Mains voltage in Slovenia is 220 volts AC (50 cycles). All sockets take small round two-pin plugs.

An adaptor is required for most British electrical appliances (please bring one with you as they are not widely available in Slovenia).


Slovenia’s topography creates three distinct climates; the mountainous northwest is alpine, with snowfall in the winter.

The coastal region and swathes of the south have a lovely Mediterranean climate with mild winters, while eastern Slovenia has a continental climate with hot summers and cold winters.

The average temperature in January is 0°C, while in July temperatures typically rise above 20°C.


It is advisable to carry the name, address and telephone number of your local GP, as if you become unwell your insurance company may require this information.

Tick-borne encephalitis is common to Slovenia, especially if you intend to visit forested areas during the summer months.

As health information can change at any time, we’d advise you to consult your GP at least 12 weeks before departure.

Country-specific information and advice on possible health risks is also published by the National Travel Health Network and Centre and The British Foreign and Commonwealth Travel Advice Unit provides important health and safety information for British nationals travelling abroad.

Passports and visas

As this is an EU country, British nationals do not require a visa. It is a good idea to take a photocopy of your passport showing your passport number and photograph.

Bring this with you on holiday but keep it separate from your passport just in case it gets lost or stolen.


Smoking is prohibited on public transport and in most other public places.

Flight time

You may fly into any of the following airports depending on the location of your  holiday: London to Ljubljana is approximately 2 hours.

Salzburg in Austria, lies to the north of Slovenia and flights from London take approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes.