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Florence Cathedral
When in Rome…

Who can resist all those world-famous cities drenched in culture, the seductive language of love, and fresh pizza?

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From this delightful hilltop hotel overlooking the sea, you'll be able to explore some of Italy's most vibrant towns and cities, and mysterious ancient ruins.

Enjoy an all-inclusive stay surrounded by Slovenia's picturesque alpine scenery.

Enjoy a stay on Lake Molveno at the Hotel Alle Dolomiti, among the beautiful pink-hued mountains of the Dolomites. The hotel provides the ideal base for enjoying the lakes and mountains and is located in the typical Italian mountain village of Molveno.

Stay right in the heart of Sorrento and enjoy one of the best views of the Bay of Naples

Hotel Franceschi QQQ

Stay and Explore

Tucked away in the Tuscan mountain village of Gavinana, this small and friendly 3-star hotel is run by the Franceschi family who pride themselves on attention to detail. Highly regarded by previous Saga guests, you're assured great hospitality and will feel like part of the family.

Explore Tuscany's riviera from this elegant hotel which is set in the seaside town of Viareggio.

Explore the mountain scenery, limestone gorges, tranquil lakes and flower meadows of northern Italy.

Enjoy the most popular and largest of the Italian lakes, Lake Garda, with a stay at the locally-rated 4-star Park Hotel Gritti situated in pleasant grounds, close to Bardolino, famous for its red wine.

Acacia Resort QQQQ

Stay and Relax

Enjoy the Sicilian sunshine with a stay at this locally rated 4-star hotel which enjoys a peaceful position between the capital Palermo and the charming town of Cefalù.

From this delightful hilltop hotel overlooking the sea, you'll be able to explore some of Italy's most renowned sites, including Pompeii and Paestum.

Enjoy a relaxing stay on the shores of the sparkling Adriatic Sea

This exciting two-centre tour introduces you to the fascinating history and breathtaking coastal scenery of Slovenia and Croatia on the lush green Istrian peninsula.

These varied and iconic walks offer a contrast of panoramas across the Gulf of Naples, to the slopes of Vesuvius. Explore the ruined city of Pompeii and discover the valleys near Sorrento where the renowned paper-making industry thrived.

Escape the crowds and see Lake Garda's magnificent scenery on this bewitching walking tour.

Neapolitan Island Escape

Escorted Tour Pace 2

With stays in two contrasting destinations in the Gulf of Naples, you’ll be able to enjoy the vibrant city itself, and then relax and explore on Ischia.

Postcards from Tuscany

Escorted Tour Pace 2

A feast for both the eyes and the taste buds, this journey to Tuscany's world-renowned cities and less-frequented towns will reveal the true essence of the region.

See two magnificent operas at the stunning open-air theatre on the banks of Lake Massaiuccoli.

Italian Splendours

Escorted Tour Pace 2

Traverse the rolling hills of Tuscany, immerse yourself in the magic of Florence, explore ancient Rome and discover the Bay of Naples on this fantastic introductory tour of Italy.

Seriously Sicily

Escorted Tour Pace 2

Get a feel for the real Sicily on this comprehensive tour which combines the island’s best-loved destinations with some real hidden gems.

A host of historic and cultural cities await on this lap of the western Mediterranean aboard MSC Preziosa.

From sublime Lake Garda and Como, to hidden alpine tarns, this tour of Italy's northern lake district is a feast for the senses.

See the famous blue and white architecture of Santorini, stroll among the wonders of the Acropolis in Athens and lose yourself inside the walls of Kotor…

Experience the incredible atmosphere of this annual spectacle of music and drama performed at Verona's Roman amphitheatre.

Experience the vibrancy of Barcelona with a three-night stay before tracing the west coast of Italy to Sicily and Tunisia

Discover the beauty of Italy's Lake Garda with a three night hotel stay before embarking on your cruise of the Venetian Lagoon.

The secrets of unspoilt Italy are unveiled on this enchanting tour through Puglia, Calabria and on to Sicily.

Corsica and Sardinia

Escorted Tour Pace 2

Explore the unique identities of two of Europe's most beautiful islands

Discover the legacy left behind by the ancient Greeks and Romans on this magical island.

Discover some of the Mediterranean's grandest cities, from the ancient relics of Athens and the city where East Meets West, to romantic Rome and the wonders of Florence.

From Italy's Eternal City to Grecian shores, this unforgettable cruise uncovers the ancient sites of the Mediterranean.

Sail back in time and discover a realm of ancient history as you call at Jerusalem, Ephesus, Athens and the tiny island of Malta.

Explore the Eastern Mediterranean on this leisurely cruise aboard Celebrity Constellation®, visiting Italy, Malta and Turkey.

Step aboard Saga Sapphire as she heads to the Mediterranean Sea and traces the coast of the Iberian Peninsula.

Adriatic Explorer

Ocean Cruise

Uncover the fascinating history surrounding the Mediterranean and the Adriatic Sea as you explore the UNESCO-protected cities of Valletta and Dubrovnik, and visit timeless Venice.

Delve into the fascinating cultures of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas on this month-long cruise.

A Grecian Odyssey

Ocean Cruise

Immerse yourself in classic mythology and Mediterranean sunshine on this voyage to Greece.


English,French,German -

Although English, German and French is spoken in the biggest cities, Italian dialects add colour to the different regions.


You are not expected to tip in Italy and leaving something for hotel staff is at your own discretion. Restaurants will automatically add the service charge to your bill.

Population and size

Almost 61 million people live in Italy, two million less than the UK.

Italy is one and a quarter times the size of the UK.


Euro -

Gone are the days of six million lira being worth 20p, Italy now uses the euro.


Italy is a predominantly Roman Catholic country where the family is paramount.

Appearances are very important and you will be judged on your clothes, shoes, accessories and how you carry yourself.

A handshake with eye contact is the correct greeting. Football is by far the most popular sport.

An architectural delight, Italy is home to the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and, according to one estimate, the country guards half of the world’s great art treasures.


Yes – Si

No – No

Good morning – Buon giorno

Good evening – Buona sera

Good night – Buona notte

Thank you – Grazie

Please – Per favore

How much? – Quanto costa?


Italy is one hour ahead of GMT.


Mains voltage is 220 volts AC. All sockets take small, round two-pin plugs.


Hot and dry in the summer, cool and wet in the winter.


Your health is only at risk in Italy if you seriously upset the Mafia!

As health information can change at any time, we’d advise you to consult your GP at least 12 weeks before departure.

Country-specific information and advice on possible health risks is also published by the National Travel Health Network and Centre – see, and The British Foreign and Commonwealth Travel Advice Unit provides important health and safety information for British nationals travelling abroad at

Passports and visas

By law, you’ll need to carry a photocopy of your passport at all times.


Smoking is banned in all public places.

Flight time

It obviously depends where you fly to, but as an example flight time from London to Rome is 2 hours 15 minutes.


Special Interest holidays

Special Interest holidays

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