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Dominican Republic
Who can resist the Caribbean?

A melting pot of cultural influences, each Caribbean island carries its own charm. Expect rainforests, dormant volcanoes, exquisite beaches, colourful reefs, creole cuisine and music that'll make it hard to keep your feet still. And that's just on St Lucia! Perhaps double up with Grenada, Antigua or Barbados...

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A week in the life of...

... our expert Holiday Creator Stuart Douglas-Lee


Take your pick of picture-perfect beaches – there are no fewer than 365, one for each day of the year!


Talk about a revolution… Here’s the low-down on what to expect when visiting Cuba.


Land of sugar and spice and all things nice…


Lively up yourself…

St Lucia

Apart from the fact that you can sip rum on the beach, what do St Lucia and Bournemouth have in common?


Strand yourself on this beautiful desert island

Our range of fantastic 2016 holidays is now on sale!

Our range of fantastic 2016 holidays is now on sale!

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