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Introducing some of the people that make our cruises extra special

From planning and supervising all the on-board entertainment, to hosting social events and even performing, there’s never a dull moment for Saga’s Cruise Directors such as Jo…

“The fact that our ships are small, means that I really get to know the guests and hopefully instil an atmosphere to have fun!” says Jo, who has worked on every Saga cruise ship in her 12+ years with the company. “I have so many amazing memories of cruising the world with Saga, not least meeting my husband-to-be outside the Grill Restaurant on Saga Sapphire!”

So what sort of entertainment can guests look forward to on board? “I like to mix things up – so one night might be a classical concert, the next a musical show, or perhaps even a comedian or pop group. We try to always appeal to a wide range of tastes, bringing in new acts as well as favourites that are popular with previous guests.”

Because life at sea changes constantly, every day is different. But on a typical day at sea, Jo starts early. “I’ll start by checking everything in the ‘Today’ programme, and walk around talking to guests to see how they are enjoying their cruise. After the day’s activities there’s often a cocktail party to host, followed by dinner with guests, before it’s the main event… showtime! After that there is further entertainment around the ship which I attend and help get the party going.” It’s a busy job, but someone has to do it!

Jo’s top tip…

“Every day on board is packed with activities. So when you receive your Today programme in the morning, use a highlighter pen to mark up what you want to see and do – that way you won’t miss out on anything!”