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Making the right choices, made easier

At Saga, we aim to make your holiday experience as simple and convenient as possible. From the ambience on the ship to the services on offer, it’s all designed to help you relax and enjoy a memorable getaway. Plus, will our inspiring choice of destinations, we can take you to the famous sights as well as some hidden gems along the way.

If you need some guidance on where and when to go, take a look at our ocean cruise planner to browse your choices by season. Whether you want to explore the Scandinavian coast in summer, go island hopping around the Canaries or sail away from the British winter, there’s a choice for you.

If you haven’t found your sea legs yet, have a browse through our river cruise calendar. From Holland in spring to the Danube in autumn, there’s so much to see and do on the waterways of Europe.

Ocean cruises when & where to go

The natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights

Explore where we cruise by destination or our collection by season.

River cruises when & where to go

River cruises where and when to go

Explore where we sail by destination or our exclusive collection of river cruises.

If you’re new to cruising or new to Saga, you may be wondering what you can expect. Let us reassure you that you’re in for a first-class holiday experience. Cruising is a great way to experience new places – travel in luxury, and sit back and let the world come to you!

You only need to unpack once!

One of the basic pleasures of our ocean and river cruises is simple – you can visit a variety of destinations and only unpack once, when you arrive on your ship!

You can rest assured you’ll be in like-minded company, too. Our exclusive cruise packages are exclusively for people over 50, so the pace and atmosphere of your holiday will be in tune with you.


Enjoy sumptuous food onboard

All aspects of our cruise holidays are made with our customers in mind, including:

  • Sumptuous food
  • Amazing entertainment
  • Inspiring itineraries

From start to finish, expect service in line with our motto: “Nothing is too much trouble”. That's why we have at least one staff member to every five passengers on board our cruises – to ensure every need of our customers is met. On board Saga ocean cruises we have two staff to every three passengers.

A Saga cruise includes so much within the package that you won’t need to stress about extra costs and hidden fees. When you choose Saga, you automatically receive:

Please refer to our full list of what's included on Saga ocean cruises and river cruises.